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Tim Wale, proprietor of Tutts Clump Cider receiving the Overall Cider Award at the Windsor Racecourse Festival on Monday 23rd August 2010. (c) Gavin James, GJMultimedia

Tim Wale, proprietor of Tutts Clump Cider receiving the Overall Cider Award at the Windsor Racecourse Festival on Monday 27th June 2011 (c) Steve Kelly

Tim Wale, proprietor of Tutts Clump Cider receiving the Overall Cider Award at the Windsor Racecourse Festival on Monday 18th June 2012. (c) Gavin James, GJMultimedia

Swindon CAMRA Beer Festival 2012

Joint 3rd - Tutts Clump Royal Berkshire Cider


Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival May 2nd 2014

South of England regional Cider and Perry competition 

Tutts Clump Farmhouse Perry 1st

Tutts Clump Traditional Farmhouse Cider 2nd

National Cider Championship

Tutts Clump Traditional Farmhouse Cider 6th



Reading Gold the winning Cider at Silchester's 5th annual beer festival 2015


Muddy Stilettos Award - Best Local Drink Producer in Berkshire June 2016



Tutts Clump Cider was one of three finalists for the 2016 Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life Food and Drink Awards

North Hants CAMRA Octoberfest Basingstoke 2016 Cider of the Festival Tutts Clump Cider Special Reserve

Traditional Farmhouse was the winning Cider at Silchester's 7th annual beer festival 2017

Traditional Farmhouse was the winning Cider at Burghfest's 2nd annual beer festival 2017

Tutts Clump Mango Cider came 2nd in the Newbury Racecourse Beer and Cider Festival on April 21st 2018

Our annual SALSA Audit/Inspection was done on Aug 7th 2018 

Wantage CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival March 16th 2019

Tutts Clump Rhubarb Cider of the Festival 

Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival May 3rd 2019

South of England regional Cider and Perry competition 

Tutts Clump Farmhouse Perry 1st

National Perry Championship

Tutts Clump Farmhouse Perry 4th

Burghfest 2019

Winner - Tutts Clump Dark Fruit Cider 


Ascot CAMRA Beer Festival 2019

Winner - Tutts Clump Royal Berkshire Cider

Happerley Certificate 2020

Our annual SALSA Audit/Inspection was done on Nov 28th 2019

Wantage CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival March 14th 2020

Tutts Clump Rhubarb Cider of the Festival 


The Guild Of Fine Food Oct 22nd 2020

Our annual SALSA Audit/Inspection was done remotely on Dec 17th 2020 and extended to May 28th 2021

On May 14th 2021 our SALSA Certificate was extended to July 6th 2021

Our annual SALSA Audit/Inspection was done on May 11th 2021

Great Taste Awards 2021

On January 13th 2022 our SALSA Certificate was extended to May 11th 2022

Great Taste Awards 2022

Our annual SALSA Audit/Inspection was done on July 5th 2022


Ascot CAMRA Beer Festival 2022

Winner - Tutts Clump Royal Berkshire Cider

Great Taste Awards 2023

Guildford Beer Festival 2023


  • " I've had the pleasure of getting your cider delivered a couple of times- its absolutely delicious! " Claire Bath
  • " Your Jazz Cider is absolutely fantastic. Tart, not too sweet, with even notes of a Belgian Lambic Beer - Beautiful." Daniel Underwood
  • " Tutts Clump is the most amazing Cider. Best recommendation is "The Legend" - Absolutely delicious!" Jennie Whitehead
  • " This is the best Cider my wife and I have ever tasted. We liked the Dark fruit but they all have an individual taste - a credit to Tim and his team. Would recommend to anyone." John Cleever.
  • " These are some of your finest ciders in the UK. This isn't made in mass production with syrup and sugar. These are handmade craft ciders. The fruit is all real fruit and theres no added sugar. " Mike Copeland
  • " Man – you practically delivered that before I ordered it!" Glyn Evans
  • " Damn you make good Cider" Grace Baker
  • " You make the finest Cider and Perry in the land" Kevin Black
  • " Tim - top man, amazing juice, mighty impressed. "Proper Dark Fruits" without the purple!" Mike - BWH Drinks
  • " Tutts Clump Cider is truly the best I have ever had and trust me I've tasted a few" Roddy Kane
  • " Jazz exceptional (wife) Rhubarb (me) – best I have tasted " Stephen Jones
  • " Super strong Cider. Wow. Refreshing and full of kick. - Drinking a Royal Berkshire by @tuttsclumpcider at @readingbeerfest" @iamcolin
  • " I honestly think your Cider was the best one at Reading Beer and Cider Festival by along shot" Kevin Black
  • " Enjoying a lovely glass of Tutts Clump Perry" Andrew Long
  • " @tuttsclumpcider well I never! Didn’t think I was a #cider drinker but loving my blackberry! " Meg Thomas
  • " Your Perry is going down a treat today at the 26th annual Gosport Beer Cider and Perry Festival " Simon Kemp
  • " Your Traditional Farmhouse was wonderfully light and refreshing on Saturday afternoon at Bunkfest - perfect drink for the occasion" Danuta Longworth-Krafft
  • " I must admit I am a "Cornish Rattler" drinker but I had some of you're Traditional Farmhouse and it tasted almost the same!!!" Jon Tyrrell
  • " Must say this is some of the best cider around cheers" Sarah Hartley
  • " I have sampled the delights of some Tutts Clump this evening. Most pleasant." Sarah Lambert-Gates
  • " Just tucking into to the Jazz in a can that I picked up from the Hungerford Victorian extravaganza. Absolutely delicious! Best Cider I've ever had from a can!" Daniel Coles
  • " Sampled a glass of Reading GOLD at The Biscuit Tin opposite Reading Station and pleasantly surprised at the taste and origins of this great Cider from a local producer. Well done" Nigel Giles
  • " Came up from Portsmouth for your open day and bought a good selection of Cider from your shop. I must say the Jazz cider is outstanding" Microwave Dave
  • " Mulled Cider is out of this world and is a must for this Christmas" Sophie Jackson
  • " I've enjoyed your lovely Traditional Farmhouse Cider at The Stable in Winchester" Millard Ellingsworth
  • " Tried the blackberry cider and it was beautiful! Went down a treat. Looking forward to trying more. " Jody Hughes
  • " Gorgeous fruity and refreshing. Will definitely be back for more!" Ben Marshall
  • " I just LOVE Tutts Clump Cider! " Luci Trendle
  • " Fantastic Cider, indeed a proper Cider, good luck for the future and keep up the good work! If you haven't tried it yet, and you are a fan of Cider, I can't recommend Tutts Clump enough!" Kenneth Howlett
  • " As a West Country girl living in Reading, I have to say I approve of your delicious Ciders!! :)" ‏@BizzleSkills
  • " Had a gorgeous pint of your lovely Cider at yesterday's WADS stock festival in Wooton. Really tasty!! " ‏@KarensYo2Go
  • " The best Cider in the world!" Jagoda Pástor
  • " I had a bottle of Reading Gold at the River Cottage Canteen in Winchester. Absolutely splendid! " David Bird
  • " Bought your Cider from the Inn at Home Shop in Newbury at the weekend - Delicious." Emma Mason
  • " Opened a bottle of your Diamond Jubilee Cider the other day. Really tasty, top condition, nice fizz etc!" Angus Whitehead
  • " Tim produces the best cider I have ever had!" Ady Trevorrow
  • " We just can't wait to try them all! I think our favourite is the 'Jazz'... delicious!" The Stable Winchester
  • " Tim's Jazz is one amazing drink. It could change your whole attitude to Cider." Ian Hickling
  • " A superb 97 months aged Parmisan paired with a great Reading Gold Tutts Clump Cider. Happy days" Andrea Bonalberti
  • " Oh why have I never tried Rum Cask before? Tried it for the first time last night with a cheese sandwich. A supper fit for the Gods." Arthur Dibble
  • " Wow rum cask cider bought for me for Christmas absolutely the best on the market thanks." Paul Mackay Dalley‎
  • " Fab Cider from Berks got to be good!! only Cider my wife would drink, says all!!" Geoffrey Stevens
  • " Tutts Clump Rum Cask is THE best I've ever had. I love it. It's my number one." Sammi
  • " Great tasting Ciders. Tim, I salute you." Mark Bayliss
  • " Tutt's Clump Rum Cask is a banger - the best rum cask cider I've ever had." Alex 'Geroges' Chambers
  • " Sue and I enjoyed the bottle of Jazz you gave me last night ,well chilled it was crisp and refreshing ,opening the bottle it had a great sparkle from bottle conditioning." Barry Topp
  • " You haven't tasted cider until you've supped Tutts Clump...trust me on this one!" P Holden
  • " Been looking forward to tasting the Jazz and Blackberry for a few months now and not disappointed. Nice one Tim." Chris Day
  • " Great local cider my favourite is the pear cider wicked." John Osgood
  • " Just tried Black Berry and my husband drank a bottle of Jazz. WOW! What fantastic cider." Susannah Ferguson
  • " Spent tonight drinking your farmhouse classic cider at the rising sun in Berkhamsted whilst watching the Mikron theatre company. A fabulous cider you have there, I'm hooked." Mark Bayliss
  • " We bought some Tutts Clump Cider at Newbury Show and are hooked, then we discovered its on sale at the Bell in Aldworth, definately worth the walk over the hill from Blewbury to sample some more! " Lisa Shayler
  • " Had a bottle of Tutts Clump Berkshire Diamond last night. 10 out of 10. What a lovley light refreshing Cider. Well done Tim. Definitely a must try Cider." Daren Wilcox
  • " I am drinking the Royal Berkshire at present, being totally used to cider with plenty of tannin it was initially quite a shock but it is a nice, clean cider with a very nice taste." Tim Beer
  • " Just sampled the Tutts Clump Special Reserve. Being a cider producer of our very own handed down old traditional method, I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed this tipple very much. Thank you Tim." Paul Chant
  • " Had my first bottle of Tutts Clump Cider at The Bladebone Inn Bucklebury on Sunday....very nice!!" Paul Firman
  • " Tutts Clump Cider is undoubtedly awesome!" Rutland Arms Sheffield
  • " Bottle of Berkshire Diamond tonight. Would normally avoid a real cider with a fairly low ABV. This, however, is exceptional. Light, refreshing, slightly sparkling. Taste those apples! Very good work, Tim. " Aidan Reynolds
  • " Very tasty Berkshire Diamond Cider. Very glad I visited the Tutts Clump stall at the Yattendon and Frilsham Fete!" Richard Gottfried
  • " Been in The Rutland Arms Sheffield. Sampled Five Counties which was lovely but then went onto Royal Berkshire...one word only...WOW! Now rearranging appointments so I can pop in for some more!!!" Phil Holden
  • " The Tutts Clump Cider went so quickly on the New Forest Cider stall at Borough Market last week Tim!! will be ordering more in the summer for sure!" Mary Topp
  • " Very impressed with the Special Reserve. An initial yeasty nose but soon replaced with lots of fruity character. The light fizz is just about the right level of 'condition' and the CO2 complements the rest of the flavour." Andrew Lea
  • " Thanks again for the cider it was delicious, my wife enjoyed it too, it was absolutely incredible! (in fact the best cider I have ever tried!) the Perry was also delicious!" Nat Schooler
  • " Bought a bottle of Tutts Clump Cider at a farmers market while camping at Wallingford. It really is the BEST ever Cider and trust me I've had a lot! It really is the best. No other stuff comes close!" Lisa Ludewig
  • " We absolutely love Tutts Clump Perry at the Harp Pub in Covent Garden London and we need another 12 bag in boxes!" Heather
  • " Hi, just sat down having spent the day decorating, popped the top off a bottle of Royal Berkshire, beautiful. Glad I bought two in the Wallingford Waitrose. Thank you." Mr R Paines
  • " Hmmm tasty Tutts Clump Blackberry Cider, not as sweet as I anticipated but still a delicious cider. " Sian Phillips
  • " Just got back from the Nags Head Reading after having a couple of pints of Tutts Clump Blackberry Cider - Tim Wale you Sir are a genius, possibly the nicest thing I have consumed in a long time. Keep up the good work my friend !!" John Rawlinson
  • " Sir.... Your blackberry cider is a triumph! As is the repress. Simply the best cider ever." Paul Forrester
  • " Any chance you could send some more Tutts Clump Traditional Farmhouse Cider to the Chester in Oxford - It's flying out” " George Harwood-Dallyn
  • " Had a lovely pint of Repress at the Five Bells Wickham the other day x" Diane Choules
  • " If I won the lottery I would have Tutts Clump Cider on draught.. it really is THAT good - I would wake in the morning and sip it through a straw direct from HQ lol " S Hamilton
  • " Good to see Tutts Clump Cider doing so well.... it really is very good cider." Sheila-Anne Hamilton
  • " Sampled your cider at the Wallingford food Festival, bought two bottles, looked at your excellent website and see I can buy more from Waitrose in Wallingford. Lovely." Richard Paines
  • " Had some of your great cider at 'The Stable' in Weymouth last week. " Louise Williamson
  • " I really love this cider - especially the five counties!" Alex Atkinson
  • " Your new Blackberry Cider was definitely my best purchase from Wallingford food festival! Tim Wale you have outdone yourself with this one!" Luke Hearn
  • " Your cider was my favorite at the Powerstock festival. My partner called in on Thursday and bought a selection- it's definitely the best cider I have EVER had- (and I've tried lots...!) They are all fantastic." Shelley Anne Surgenor
  • " Tried Tutts Clump's Five Counties Cider in the sunshine this week – refreshing appley goodness!" Rebecca Atkinson
  • " Love Tutts Clump Cider, drink it at the Catherine Wheel in Newbury!!" Leigh Allerton
  • " Beautiful Cider! My favorite is Repress and at only 3.5% a bottle I can have as many as I like!" Gemma Pell-Fallowell
  • " This cider is with out a doubt the best I have tasted in a long time. A cider for every occasion!" Mud Slinger
  • " Simply the best! I highly recommend Tutts Clump Proper Cider! " Sammi Cross
  • " Tutts Clump Cider – Really good, loved it" Andrew Thomas Pickard‎
  • " A tonic for the troops! Tutts Clump Cider is suitable for coeliacs vegans and diabetics containing no gluten or sugar" @Oakelmash
  • " Enjoying some warming Tutts Clump mulled cider on this chilly evening." Simon Peter French
  • " I had two bottles of your cider for a Christmas present and they were fantastic. I would like to order some more." Stephen Riley
  • " We had the pleasure of tasting your cider at the Birmingham Beer Festival and we were blown away, so will certainly be ordering some for our shop." Jen Saunders

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